Our history

Simranger, a limited company founded in 2012 by David Bottomley.

Based on a desire to overcome the limitations of fixed SIM GPRS communication devices.

Simranger utilise roaming SIM card technology to transmit analogue and digital signals via the internet to web browser or peer devices.

Enabling clients to build web based data acquisition and monitor control assets without the need for expensive SCADA type interfaces.

Robust technology and configurable fail safe modes allow for a myriad off applications across the industrial and commercial sectors.


Web based technology enables our engineers to diagnose on line, reported faults by analysing communication status and real time actual analogue and digital signals thus allowing the direction of maintenance engineers to pinpointed areas

Our Vision

“To develop and deliver quality driven solutions to enhance our client’s operability”


Our experienced engineers can offer a wide range of client site services, including surveying, civil works, control system interface, instrument engineering and design packages.




Blue Water Card